Welcome to U.S. Radio Ministry :

Christian, community-supported, neighborhood radio brought to you by volunteers hosting FCC part 15-compliant, short-range AM-band radio transmitters featuring the Holy Bible in audio format 24/7.

Frequency: 1610 AM

There’s still something about tuning into a shared radio broadcast. Others are listening to the same verse somewhere, keeping us company more than an isolated recording in solitude. People often tune into questionable broadcasts out of loneliness just to satisfy that live feeling. Moreover, with the Holy Bible, there’s often an uncanny serendipity in coming across a well-timed verse somewhat at random, which we mightn’t have otherwise experienced in the same way, just then.

To start with, nearly everyone’s clock radio still has AM, and in the U.S. it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, either. Talk radio is still big, along with sports, ethnic music, and special interest programming all ensuring analog AM will be included in all manner of U.S. radio devices for a long time to come, even if they become digitally capable on the band.